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Foodie walking tour of Rome

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When I was looking for things to do in Rome, besides seeing the famous sites (which were almost all shrouded for restoration), I convinced @WineGuyTO that we should do a food tour. We had looked at them before for Montréal, but ended up making our own (Montréal Beer Tour).  After a lot of searching, we choose the Eating Italy tour of Trastevere, as it was close to where we were staying.  This is one of 3 tours that the company offers in Rome (the same tour at night with different locales, and a tour of Testaccio), as well as cooking classes.  The company is young, but has already set up tours in Rome, London, Amsterdam and Prague.  The tour runs for around 4 hours, but they went by very quickly!  We visited 10 local shops where we interacted with the owners, sampled what they were known for and learned both the history of the area and what we were eating.


Our first stop, a bakery.




Our sample.


Supplì, similar to arancini  but typical of Rome. This is a food that people grab as a mid-morning snack.


Ours had tomato and cheese inside, mixed with rice.


Next up a butchery. Slicing our porchetta up.


The porchetta. Thin, moist and flavourful.


A farmer’s market in the square. Lots of fresh veg and fruit. Multiple generations represented too.


At the back of the square and the farmer’s market is the cheese shop.


Melon, prosciutto and fig sampled in the market. All so fresh.


The artisanale gelateria. Some of the strangest flavours I have seen, but so good!


My cup, the pensiero and mint chocolate.


The gelateria.


Al forno. At the front, ready made ‘pizza’ on focaccia bread. In the back we watched them taking the breads out of the oven to cool.


Some of the pizzas we could sample.


Lunch! We sat down for this meal in a restaurant. Gnocchi, risotto and ravioli.


Last stop was an enoteca in the original Jewish Quarter. This cellar is one of the oldest in Rome. Some artefacts found here are in the Vatican Museum.


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