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France, Kir and the crêpe

I think that I somewhat started blogging (in a very non-digital way) when I lived in France.  I was 16 and on exchange to beautiful Brittany.  In order to get my French and Spanish credits, my teachers asked me to keep a daily journal of my life in France.  This practice continues now every time I take a trip.

So as an ode to my living in France, here is a post.

I spent 3 months in Brest, Brittany and they were amazing!  My host family were great about taking me out, exploring litKir Royaletle towns and above all getting me to drink wine nightly 🙂  Now at 16 this was huge! I mean I was lucky to get a sip when my parents were being generous in front of guests, but to drink every evening and discuss it was great.  We drank mostly reds, and unfortunately I don’t remember what kinds, but most were local to Brittany and Normandy.  I also discovered my favourite drink of all: Kir Royale. *swoon*  This became the apéritif of choice when out and still is.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Batifole, a Brittany/French restaurant here in Toronto that made them! But more on this great restaurant in a different post.


Food and France are synonymous.   I indulged in cheeses I had never tasted, I ate seafood (even though I hated it previously) and daily, I ate crêpes.  With Nutella.  Daily.  Sometimes twice.  Hopefully you get that I love them 🙂yum!

What I love about crêpes is that you could buy them like bread, prepackaged in the supermarket in a multitude of varieties.  We usually had a basic variety.  My breakfast became a crêpe (or two!) prefolded in half, smeared with Nutella (and/or jam) and then rolled up.  After school, we would do the same, but heat them in the microwave to make them gooey.

Just as good was a trip to a crêperie.  I have yet to find a good crêperie here in Canada (*note there is one on Queen West that is Breton that I have yet to try).  But I must explain why.  In Brittany, a crepe is folded into a square with the ingredients inside.  In  Canada, they roll them up; not as good!  I was allowed two that evening, so I started with ham and swiss cheese and then bananas and chocolate for dessert.  H.E.A.V.E.N.

I haven’t been back to France since, but will soon!


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