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Making Whoopie….pies that is.

I have really felt like baking lately.  My problem is that there is only two of us in the house and we really don’t need to have of lot of dessert.  Problem solved: bake at my parent’s and share with them.  Today is my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, so we are visiting for the weekend and what would be better than making whoopie….pies?

I had found a promising recipe and then someone neither bookmarked it or could find it in my browser history again, so a-searching I went.  I settled on this one by Erin Cooks.  Hers looked good, had good comments and wasn’t complicated.  The only change I made to the instructions was to use my Silpats.

Here is my batter (please excuse the pics, first time doing food and not my camera), looked good.

I thought I was portioning out the batter in 1 tbsp like instructed but my first ones were huge!  They really flattened out though still cakey.









All the rest I made much smaller.  I let them cool on racks for about 2 hours before icing with Martha Stewart Buttercream.

In between, I switched over to making Lemon Whoopies (because my mom is allergic to chocolate so this way she can have some too!).  I used a recipe originally attributed to Joy the Baker and found here.  These turned out just like the photos, though I am still not happy about the flatness.

I will definitely make these again, but would love some feedback on how to make them more cookie shape (i.e. rounder on top and not so flat).  I want to experiment with flavours too, peanut butter, berries and maybe Nutella in time for Nutella Day on Feb. 5th.




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