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Brunch- My favourite meal, Part 1

I was at a PD session once, and in the ‘get-to-know-you’ part we were asked to list a hobby.  Mine was brunch.  At one point in my life, I went for brunch every Saturday and Sunday anywhere in the city.  This doesn’t happen as much, and I would like to think I have become more discerning about where I go.  So this post will highlight 3 spots: my go-to favourite, and 2 recent outings.

My ‘Go-to” Favourite: Easy Rider, corner of Queen W and Roncesvalles

I don’t eat eggs, so brunch is a bit of a challenge.  Thankfully, Easy does great buckwheat Belgian waffles or a french toast croissant.  Both come with both fresh fruit (usually berries) and berry compote.  But the best thing is their smoothies.  It literally is a meal in itself.  The classic (strawberry, banana and OJ) or the Peanut Power (peanut butter, dutch cocoa, banana and soy milk), the Banana Latte (banana, dutch cocoa, espresso, soy milk and cinnamon) or Mango. Good thing is if you can’t finish, you can take it to go.  Recommend going before 11 on weekends, or you will have to wait.  Second location around the corner though.

Recent favourite: Beast Restaurant, King and Tecumseh

We tried out Beast at the suggestion of our friends, ironically the day before LLLSecret.  There was a good variety of both brunch type meals and lunch meals.   WineGuyTO went with the French Toast, while ScotchGuyTO went with the burger.  I had something so great, I am waiting to see if another brunch can compare: “The BLD”.  What could this be you ask?  Try cinnamon bread (3 slices) interspersed with duck confit, old cheddar and topped with foie gras gravy and some tater tots (housemade).  Soooooo good!  We also all indulged in some cocktails, the girls in the seasonal Bellini: apple vanilla, the guys in some scotch.  We all agreed that we will be back here, can’t wait for the patio to open.


French Toast with thick bacon and sausage










Recent Outing: Origin, King and Church

ScotchGuyTo had pointed out Origin when we were in the Market one Saturday, and then it was chosen by my sorority sister as the spot for a ladies-only brunch (making ScotchGuyTO jealous).  I now know why ScotchGuyTO wanted to go: it was good.  First thing I need to say is that it was strangely empty for prime brunch time on a Saturday, but it was pouring rain.  I again was fortunate enough to have duck; this time as french toast with hoisin sauce and blueberries.  The ‘toast’ was actually more of a doughnut/bun, but completely soaked through with goodness. My lovely sorority sisters had the eggs benny and a frittata.  Another good reason to visit: they serve Pimms!  I love Pimms, even ducked out of a conference while in London to go to Wimbledon just for Pimms and strawberries (but that’s another post still yet to come).

French Toast with Duck Confit

Eggs Bennedict



Many thanks to Ami for the pics at Origin and WineGuyTO for the pics at Beast.




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