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Neon Amazon-Events, flowers and more!

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Have you met my friends Neon Amazon?  No?  Well let me introduce you 🙂

Kelsey and Lisa are two amazing ladies! Between the two of them, they have 10 years of event planning experience (including my own wedding!) and 15 years of floral design.  I know them in both of their capacities:  Every Sunday last year, we made our way down to the Distillery District where Neon Amazon was the official flower business in the Distillery.  The lovely ladies made bouquets to measure, and my kitchen was fragrant the whole summer!

Sgt. Jager Bomb keeping guard.

Making a bouquet to order.

Their booth, with WineGuyTo.

One of my bouquets, in my newly renovated kitchen

Lisa was also my wedding planner.  I think I was the most relaxed bride there could be thanks to her!  Her attention to detail, helpfulness in choosing all the wedding necessities, and her support during our whole engagement, made the experience much more peaceful and enjoyable.  I was so fortunate that Lisa was an experienced destination wedding planner, making our connections with Claribel (NH Real Arena) much easier and the experience much less stressful.

Claribel and Lisa, my Dominican and Canadian Wedding Planners!

Check out their blog and their Twitter account (@neonamazon).  Kelsey posts some amazing pics!

Neon Amazon
Toronto, Ontario


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