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Boston – the Sights

I recently traveled to Boston as the beginning and the end of a family reunion. We stayed first in the Financial district and ended in Cambridge (post to come). I thought I would start with the sights, then do post about food.


Faneuil Hall

Old State House










Boston is much smaller in the core than a map leads you to believe. What looked like a far distance was easily covered in a quick walk.  We stayed at the lovely Langham Hotel, a former Federal Bank. It was delicious, sumptuous and a nice way to begin our vacation. From the hotel, all of the historic sites were within walking distance.  The hotel was adjacent to the Post Office Square, which had a lovely garden, much taken advantage of in the summer for lunches.

Our first day was all about being a tourist.  We visited Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall and the Old State House before our BoSox game. Paul Revere’s House, Little Italy was the second day, and we generally just walked around, hitting the Freedom Trail randomly. As a historian, I really appreciated seeing the places where the American Revolution took place (my history degree focussed on American history).

Fenway Park

Boston Commons

Paul Revere's House




Downtown Boston is easier to walk around than drive, though a good section of the city seemed to be under construction. We really came with no plan in mind, other than pre-purchased Red Sox tickets (for which we took a cab to and from the game).  The game was packed for a Thursday afternoon! Jays fans take note!  I am not really a baseball fan (since the strike) but I wanted to go to Fenway, because it’s the Green Monster!  Afterwards we wandered through Boston Commons before doing some shopping.

A good beginning to our vacation! Next up: Cape Cod!


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