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Montréal- Terroir, Cochon and Bagels

I love Montréal!  Besides the fact that it was where I was proposed to two years ago, it is such a vibrant city.  My better half and I went two years ago for Labour Day weekend/his birthday.  So when Via Rail had a half price special, and we had a wedding present for a hotel package, we jumped at spending another Labour Day weekend there.

Our hotel package let us stay at the lovely Place d’Armes.  Situated a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Basillica, it was an easy starting point for our exploration of Old Montréal.  The package included dinner at Aix, Cuisine de Terroir, where we had eaten just before I was proposed to!  Aix uses mainly local foods to create sumptuous dinners.

We both started with the strawberry and tomato gazpacho and purple basil sorbet. The soup was nice! A hint of spiciness but the sorbet was a good contrast. The minced vegetables were like garnish and gave a nice crunch to each spoonful. Then, of course, duck 🙂 Finishing with nougat, such great presentation! I also tried Neige Iced Apple Cider and loved it! I usually drink cider over beer, but detest ice wine, so I was pleasantly surprised that though sweet, there was enough acidity in the balance.  I went to SAQ the next day and brought back 2 bottles.

strawberry and tomato cold soup traditional summer vegetable minestrone and purple basil sorbet

roasted duck breast, spiralled yellow zucchini with shallots, smoked bacon chips and siphoned béarnaise sauce

Pistachio- cherry iced nougat, chicoutai compote








We were fortunate enough to snag a reservation to Au Pied du Cochon.  We had high expectations for this dinner, as many people had told us it was a ‘must’ to eat at.  The menu is sparse in the sense that there are no explanations of what the dishes are comprised of.  I started with the tomato tart which was heavenly!  There was a taste of mustard underneath the melted old cheddar which really gave the tart a zing.  Then on to a recommended dish (from @Sharp_Photo), the Plogue Champlain (please see here for a better photo).  Comprised of a buckwheat pancake, seared foie gras, bacon and maple syrup.  So.Good.  Dessert was a poached pear, because the baked apple was unavailable 😦  I did get to meet the owner though!  Will definitely come here again.

Plogue Champlain

Tarte aux Tomates

Owner-Chef Martin Picard








Our last food adventure was on the Plateau.  My lovely university roommate and beau took us to Beauty’s.  A landmark diner in Montreal, its has been there since the ’40s, across from the original Mont Royal arena, where my beloved Habitants once played.  Alas, we enjoyed the breakfast too much to take any pics, but a great brunch spot.

We then headed over to St Viateur bagels.  We tried the Fairmount ones that last time, so (in some people’s humble opinion) these were the better ones to have.

Slicing off dough to roll into bagels

So many bagels!







We did much more than eat 🙂  Can’t wait to go back though and eat more.


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