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A is for Apples

I love apples.  I will eat any dessert if there is apple in it.  My family knows this to the point that my grandmother would make me my very own little apple pie for dessert when we ate at her house.

Lovely apples in their natural habitat

To me, fall means apple picking.  Growing up, my mother’s godparents would drive down from Thunder Bay for a visit and to go apple picking.  We would always go to St. George to Orchard Home Farm.  Living a little too far away now, I am trying to find as good of an orchard (they send you postcards with the picking dates in late summer!).  This year, I went to Albion Orchard in Caledon with my good friend Amy and of course @WineGuyTo.

Our picking day was gorgeous! Bright sunny skies, warm but not hot.  We retrieved 10lb bags from the country market and found out that Ginger Crisp, Paula Red and Macs were pickable.  So off we went!  First though, we had to have some fun in the kid area.  Amy was drawn to this orchard for the wagon rides, but we didn’t see any happening.

Oh no Scooby!

We were maybe a little too tall...

The only problem I had with the orchard was the lack of signage.  I *do* know the difference between apples, but some do look very similar.  Our bags were filled mainly with Macs and Paula Reds and some  Ginger Crisps because there were hardly any on the  trees (though lots in the store).  At $1/lb, picking vs. buying in store was the way to go.

WineGuyTo getting those high up, hard to reach apples.

We came home with about 20lbs of apples, some pickled hot peppers, cider, decorative gourds,  and @WineGuyTo ate some butter tarts as we picked.

So far I have made apple crisp (with blueberries and cranberries) and plan to make apple pie for Thanksgiving, though there are many other possibilites! On a recent Frosting for the Cause: apple honey cupcakes, mmm.  But a must-make: apple cheddar soup and apple cake!  The rest will be eaten daily as part of breakfast/lunch.

Apple crisp about to be eaten

Flaky individual honey apple tarts

Where do you go to pick apples? Which variety is your favourite? I would love to know!

Albion Orchards
Operating Hours are 10am to 6pm Daily Mid August-October 31st
November & December: 10am to 6pm Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
Closing Day: December 23rd

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