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A Hallowe’en gone wrong

My post today is a sad one.   Each week, one person in my office brings in treats/food for the rest of us.  We call it  ‘Fat Friday’. I had moved my Fat Friday (snacks for the office) to today (Hallowe’en) so it could be themed.  Unfortunately, only 1 part of my plan made it to work.

I am really getting into cake/cupcake decorating.  My friend and I are planning to take a Wilton class in the winter, and I have done 2 Le Dolci cupcake classes.  So, Hallowe’en = a theme cake.  Out I go to my local kitchen store and buy a bat-shaped cake pan.  I made the chocolate-beet cake from the Globe and Mail.  I iced creatively, outlining my bat in multiple colours.

What it looked like, ready for humans to eat it.

And then my dog ate it.  He and I are still not talking.  There was one wing left (my husband save what he could for me).

But there is more!  I wanted to try something new! Traditional Hallowe’en fare, the caramel apple.

My mom and I tried two ways of melting the caramel (stove-top and microwave, go with the microwave) and quickly dipped the apples.  I haven’t tried one yet, but they looked good 🙂

What are your favourite Hallowe’en treats?  I think next year it will be all chocolate based.


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  1. Margaret Leatham

    Heather, Did you take the candied apples to school?


  2. candied apple was DEEELISHiousness on our halloween drive home last night…thank you for the much appreciated nom-age. =)



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