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Holy Chuck Burger

Burger places have been  all over my Twitter feed for the last year.  The biggest mention usually goes to Burger’s Priest because people think that it is as close to an In n’ Out burger as can be found in Canada.  I have not had the opportunity to try In n’ Out, so I really can’t be certain, but on a cold day last spring, I tried out BP and really enjoyed it.  The burger was cooked well and had the home-made texture I enjoy.  It would be the place to go, if in the mood for a good burger.  Drawback though: no real seating, just counter and its always full.

Next in the burger fray (and all over my Twitter timeline) is the newly opened Holy Chuck Burger.  David Ort did a blog post that got me interested, plus it has the advantage to being closer to me geographically.  And the lovely Rossy (@PanCanCooks) and Paula (@DragonsKitchen) also felt the need to try our HCB and a tweet-up was born!

The signature Holy Chuck burger

Our great hosts!











The very nice owners let us sample some of the soon-to-be-released new menu item of deep-fried pickles.  But these aren’t your normal pickles, these are half slices dredged in panko crumbs and bacon.  Served with a fennel, tarragon and horseradish dip.  I liked these, they weren’t greasy and the breading held together well.  It was also a portion of the pickle and not a full pickle which I found to be more palatable.

Mmm, pickles.

Next up were some hand-made potato and sweet potato chips.  They were paired with a spicy chipotle mayo.  I kept coming back to these, which I would definitely order instead of fries.  There was no greasiness to them at all.

Regular and sweet potato chips

My milkshake arrived before my burger and really it could have been dessert! I got the Reeses Pieces and banana, it was great.  It was small, but I really wouldn’t want it any bigger.

The burger I ordered was the Big, Bad, Wolf.  Two patties fried in mustard with caramelized onions.  This was a great burger.  The patty held together well, the bun was just soft enough and the mustard didn’t overpower any of it.  I couldn’t savour it, I devoured it!  I was full at the end, but in a nice contented way.

The Big, Bad Wolf

Then a surprise: the Desserted Cow burger.  A bun lightly toasted with real maple syrup, beef mixed with peanut butter, belgian chocolate and bacon, covered with a cheese slice.  Strangely it all worked, though I really only tasted hints of the flavours above the beef.  I honestly only could have one bite, I was so full.  This (at the time of eating) was not yet on the meu, so we were lucky to try it!

And then… funnel cake! I just stared at this.  It looked great but I was so full.


I enjoyed going so much, that I bought 2 Tag Buys when they came out recently.  This way @WineGuyTo can come too!

Holy Chuck Burger
1450 Yonge St (just south of St. Clair)











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