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Toronto Underground Market (TUM)

I finally got there!  After deciding not to use our tickets for the first TUM installation and then being busy for the second, there was no way @WineGuyTo and I were missing the last TUM of the season.  I had been tempted by posts from @sharp_photo (here and here), as well as the many tweets of delicious food offerings, not to go this time.  The TUM events have all been held at the Evergreen Brickworks on Bayview avenue.

We arrived early (on advice from @duckiewong) and waited patiently in line for the doors to open.  Then it was a mad dash to @La_Carnita, probably the most popular stand.  I had missed them at Ontario Food Trucks events and at their pop-ups, so I was determined to try the tacos which people raved about.  I only waited maybe 30 minutes in line, but food was brought to me to sample.  I tried the sausage from Merguez House, some almond/honey bites, beer from Beau’s, samosas and s’mores.

Merguez sausage

Pulled pork

Stuffed Jalapeno






S'Mores from the Lunch Room

La Carnita apps

La Carnita tacos






La Carnita also helped out by passing out homemade tortilla chips with guacamole.  So yummy!  Once we got our tacos, we walked around the rest of the Brickworks.  I ventured outside with a friend to find the hot chocolate he raved about from TUM #2.  We found it but instead of mexican chocolate flavour, it had a pumpkin base.  He still liked it.  There was a fire in the Chimney area, where chili, coffee/hot chocolate, pizza and roasted marshmallows were being served.

Back inside, @WineGuyTo had gotten me some banana beignets from the Backyard Kitchen, while he ate their shrimp.  The beignets were just warm enough and bite sized.  We were getting full and there was still so much to eat!

Banana Beignets

Cute ads for one of the tables






Our friends managed to get the last of the Cornbread grilled cheese with guacamole, sour cream and cilantro from Comida del Pueblo. It looked really good!  It was probably one of the longest lines after La Carnita.

The infamous grilled cheese

In the end, we were so full, I actually passed over mini cupcakes from Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co! They were so cute too, with pieces of candy or chocolate on top.  We did one last walk around to see if we missed anything and then home.  I will definitely be hitting TUM again when is starts up in the spring.

Crowd view on our way out


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