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A LCBO Inspired dinner

I find the LCBO Food and Wine magazine an inspiration and a plethora of recipes that I bookmark, clip, save but generally do not get around to trying.  In the spirit of a New Year, I decided to actually use some of those recipes I only think about making. My lovely friend @MissNickiM was coming over for dinner, so I opened the Holiday 2011 edition and found two great recipes that were very doable without a large amount of prep: a warm shrimp, scallop and couscous salad and Chicken Wellington.

Both dishes came out wonderfully.  I halved the Wellington recipe (as the recipe served 8 and we were 3), and used quinoa instead of couscous as it was what I had on hand.  We still had a slice of Wellington left for lunch later on in the week.  I will definitely make both of these again.  The salad could easily become a staple salad during the week.

Missed the 2011 Holiday Edition? Recipes can be found on the LCBO website:

Next edition out January 11, 2012.



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  1. I love the LCBO magazine. For a free publication, it’s really really well done!



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