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Wilton Cake Decorating Class: Week 1&2

My friend Jill (@Jillojello) and I decided to take a cake decorating class together.  I am a huge cupcake fan but not a good decorator, so this would be good for me to try. **I have taken 2 great cupcake classes at Le Dolci and loved them, but wanted something more in-depth. There will be a blog post will be done about Le Dolci in the future 🙂

We signed up for a 9 week, 18 hour course through the Toronto District School Board‘s Continuing Education department.  The cost was reasonable, $122, and the night and class hours perfect for us (Tuesdays from 7-9pm).  There are additional cost, which I am going to total and include in my last post at the end of the course.

Week 1: We didn’t do anything hands on in the first class.  Our teacher, a 15 year veteran of teaching Wilton classes, demonstrated making buttercream (without any butter?!), icing a cake, and showing us the various tips and equipment we would be using.  We all went home with the student ‘manual’ ($10 additional) and signed up to buy the starter kit, meringue powder, gel, and turntables from the teacher, if we wanted.  Both of us decided on just the kit, opting to price check and buy the rest ourselves.

Week 2: This week we had to bring everything with us to ice and decorate our first cake.  Being a little lazy, I baked a box mix into 2 8″ round pans.  Good thing, as the woman to my left had her cake crumble apart and she appreciated my second cake.  We also had to bring 2 batches of buttercream, colouring, gel, pencils, paper towel and the Kit (i.e. icing tips, bags, coupler).  The teacher checked our buttercream consistency and we started by icing the cake, practicing a level, smooth finish.  Then we practiced specific piping: flowers  and squiggles (tip #18 ) and round circles (tip #12).

This part of the class went long.  The teacher is very thorough and checked everyone’s progress twice, offering suggestions or demonstrating the correct technique.  We only had about 20 minutes at the end to actually put a design on our cakes and fill it in. I do find the instructions in the book to not be specific enough as they only have a few directions.

The finished product, not bad but not great in my opinion.  I am hoping that next week (CUPCAKES!!) will show improvement.


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