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Cake Decorating Class: Week 4

This week we had to come with a cake (round or square, 8″ or 10″) already iced so we could work on decorating it.  I went with a lemon cake, used my new cake leveller (thanks@LeDolci!) and put some raspberry filling in the middle.  According to my teacher, my icing was done really well! I found it much easier to ice a square cake than a round, but I still need to work on making the icing level, as in better light, I could see the cake faintly through the icing.

We started in class learning how to write with icing.  Printing was a little easier than cursive.   In the end, our problem was what to write on our cake.  I went with “Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad” as they are visiting this weekend (surprise Mom!).  Jill went with “Green Tea Cake” so people would know what kind of cake it was.  I thought this was cute 🙂

The next item we learned was making a rose.  We used a rose nail to twist the base around so the icing could form petals.  They were not exactly as the picture showed, ours were higher and more open, their’s more of a flat circle.  But I was told mine were good (I am skeptical).  Then while they dried a little, we started to decorate the cake.  Supposedly, you start with the writing, then the flower placement, then the leaves and the border comes last.  Well, Jill and I were ahead and bored, so we started with the border.  I placed the pre-made flowers I made (skill from the week before), and then backtracked to the other steps.  We were disappointed that our flowers did not harden much, because we found they mushed slightly trying to get them off the flower scissors to put on the cake.  Overall, I think I did a good job.  What do you think?

Next week is a character cake.  I have some ideas thanks to the Wilton iPad App, but it always comes down to time.


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  1. Margaret Leatham

    The cake looks professionally made and I am waiting with anticipation to eat it.


  2. Must say it was tasty and looked great too! 🙂



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