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Cake Decorating Class: Week 5

This week we were asked to come to class with an un-iced character cake.  Jill to the rescue! She happened to have a 3-D rubber duck mould, so she made hers first and then passed the pan over to me.  I was also aware that I could have rented the pan from the Bulk Barn, which is cheaper than buying a lot of pans, and cuts down on storing issues.

I once again used a Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cake mix, this time in chocolate.  Unfortunately it filled the bottom pan as per the directions, and rose, but not enough to make the duck 3-D.  Tasting some of what I took off for levelling, I prefer this cake over the GF golden.  It was a much more ‘normal’ cake taste, not as gritty as the golden.

Our whole class was dedicated to decorating the cake.  Everyone had a different cake; there were baby strollers, Hello Kitty, Cookie Monster and sunflowers.  As Jill and I did the same cake, and it was all one colour, we were done early.  The hardest part were the tight curve of the duck’s neck and keeping the stars tights.  The table height meant we were on our knees at points trying to keep the tip at a 90° angle. What do you think?

Please note: There will be no cakes for the next three weeks.  We will be learning fondant, gum paste and making flowers for our final cake in week 9, so I will still keep you updated with my progress on how the flower making goes.



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  1. Margaret Leatham

    Looks good!



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