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Cake Decorating: Week 8

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This (if I understood correctly) should have been our last class to create flowers using Royal Icing, because in our last class we would be creating a cake using the flowers from the previous classes.  This class was roses, violets, daffodils and lilies.

Yet again, Jill and I were not having a good class.  Somehow my icing got some grease in it and I spent a lot of time hand mixing it, adding water because it was too stiff, and generally getting frustrated.  Jill’s icing, though she did everything to keep it grease-free, was greasy.  This is how the class started and we really didn’t get into any sort of groove.  We were also starting to feel left out, as the teacher came over to see our progress infrequently and was not very helpful.

We did not get the roses.  Probably because of our icing debacle, partly because we did not understand how to form the petals properly.  I will be YouTubing this later to improve.  The daffodils were easier, as were the violets.  The lily was shown at the very end of class (again).  It was easy to do, but we did two quick, messy ones to try.  More will be made this weekend.











Next week is our last week, so you will see the final culmination of my learning in this course.  I hope it comes together well!  I will also have a breakdown of the ‘extra’ costs we incurred above the stated $90 by TDSB.


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