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Bioré Girls Night In

My friend Jill (you may remember from Wilton Cake Decorating) invited me to experience a spa day with Bioré products recently.  I immediately accepted!  Myself, Jill and 3 other beauty bloggers were treated to mini manicures, pedicures and facials from the great mobile spa team from Wright Mobile Spa.  We were given an explanation of multiple different Bioré products which ranged from make-up wipes to exfoliating scrubs.

These are my notes from the products that were used on us:
Wipes: Towel wipes to remove make-up. Intended not to leave the skin dry or taut.  Bonus: do not need to use a moisturizer.  30 in a pack.

Combo skin balancing cleanser:  does not dry out the non oily parts of the face. Cream format, option of removing with a sponge or toilette. Doesn’t clog pores, plumps the skin a little/revitalizes, oil free.

Blemish fighting Ice cleanser– helps to prevent  as well, preventative product to get rid of what is clogging pores but not all the oil. Can use morning or night. Freshness to it to help close pores.

Warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser– any skin type, face has to be damp, soothing warm heat to open the pores, wipe away with a disposable toilette.

Pore unclogging scrub– unclogging, for once a week because a little abrasive to lift dead skin away. Wipe away, not rinse only.

With all products only need about a dime, not much more.

I really enjoyed my facial.  She used about 5 different products on me and I was definitely glowing afterward.  I found that the warming cream was an immediate warmth, kind tapered off but felt like a glow until taken off.  My only complaint is that I found my skin greasy for the rest of the day.

Many thanks to Jill, who was a great host.  She was very attentive to her guests, making vegan snacks for us, very delish! Also to Bobbette and Belle for the cupcakes, Wright Spa for the treatments and APEX PR company for the Bioré gift bag.

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