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Cooking in French Class

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I have not really talked about my job on the blog because I would like to keep them separate.  But once in a while they have collided.  I teach high school French and History, and in my grade 9 French class, we read about Parisian cafés and life in Paris.  We then watched Ratatouille 🙂 .  My students were asking if we could bake or cook something afterwards.  So I asked my great colleague who teaches International Cuisine and who had a prep period at the same time as my class, and he was kind enough to teach us how to make ratatouille.  We also tasted petits pains au chocolat and croissants while the ratatouille was cooking.

The rest of the post is visual.  The students did all the work themselves, learning proper mise en place, knife techniques and about the ingredients we were using.  ALL the students finished their plates (at 10 am no less!).  It was nice to see them all involved in the whole process.  I had my bowl for lunch and wiped it clean with the rest of the baguette that was left 🙂


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  1. You are the best French teacher I never had! Way to make it fun Heather! Care to share the ratatouille recipe or must I come to class. Trust me, I’d do anything to go back to Grade 9!! haha. 🙂


    • Haha Jenn! I can definitely email over the recipe. He photocopied it from a recipe book, but I didn’t get the title. Really easy to make!


  2. Your former student.

    WHAT THE…?? We never cooked food in grade 9 french. This is soo not cool Heather!


  3. Fab fab fab!!!!! What a wonderful experience for those students! Well done! How does one become qualified to teach International Cuisines???


    • Thank you!! He is an amateur chef, loves cooking and was asked to teach it. It’s course code is IDC so anyone can teach it.



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