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Ice Cream: my first attempt

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Each Friday in my office, someone brings in snacks, aka Fat Friday.  Its a nice way to end off the week.  Last week my colleague did a bbq and I volunteered to make ice cream. HAVING NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!  The ice cream was my first attempt with the ice cream maker attachment I received for Christmas to fit on my KitchenAid mixer.  I wanted something light and simple, so I thought of lemons, because it is one of my favourite flavours of gelato. I found the recipe at Use Real Butter after a simple google search.  I also added in some blackberries for more flavour (though in the end, it really did not need it, but I would them as a topping next time instead).

This was really easy! And a hit with everyone!

What I was not sure of going in what the yield would be, but the recipe filled a rectangle large Ziploc container about 3/4 of the way.  A nice amount that would be perfect for a dinner party or a family dinner.  I am eager to try out more recipes and create some of my own this summer.

**I used skim milk as the recipe did not specify, and made sure the attachment was in the freezer 15 hours before using.


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