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Today was a baking failure

Though most of my blog posts have been positive, great things I have eaten, experienced or made, I believe that I also need to share when things are not good.  You may remember this dinner out .  Today was a pretty big failure in the baking department. Let me explain.

A very nice friend entrusted me with her mother’s biscotti recipe.  I am honoured and wanted to make it for her.  I had only made biscotti once before, and screwed up which direction to cut, thus over baking it.  In today’s attempt, I could not seem to get the ingredients to bind together, resulting in a more granola type mess rather than a cookie. Le sigh (to quote my friend).

And because I was at my parent’s, where there is a large kitchen and workspace, I continued to bake, because that was the plan for today.  In time for lunch/brunch Apple Cinnamon Rolls from a blog I follow.  The only things I changed were the whole wheat flour (I could not find where my mother was keeping hers) and skor chips for cinnamon ones, as we do not have them in Canada.  This was the highlight of baking today, until we cut into them and discovered they were still doughy at the bottom in the middle of the pan.  Delicious and salvageable, so not a total failure.

Then the cookie I would have made for a Gastropost invite last week.  Probably better I was not able to attend, as the cookies did not turn out.  At all.  From Epicurious, I attempted Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies.  Sounds great, I love carrot cake.  The ‘professional’ shot of them look yummy.  Mine do not.  Mine were pancakes.  Did not change a thing in the recipe, but they were too thin. And big.  Mom suggested folding them in half over the filling so they were still a sandwich cookie.  Somewhat salvaged.

So it was a frustrating baking day.  Am trying to make the best of it.  Hope when I start my holiday baking, it works out better. :/


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  1. Girl, I’ve had SO many baking fail days.

    Sorry the cinnamon rolls were doughy! Maybe altitude has something to do with it? I’m at high altitude…


    • Thanks! They were delicious. My mom thinks her oven temperature is a little wonky, so we should have left them in a little longer. Will definitely make again though!



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