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My New Year’s Food “Resolutions”

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I do not make resolutions in January.  Being a teacher, I have always felt (and this may sound weird) that my ‘new’ year starts each September.  That is when I make a concentrated effort to shake things up, try new lessons, etc.  In my personal life, I have always felt that you can make changes at any point during the year, but I see the appeal of doing it as of January 1st.

As my blog is approaching its second birthday, I have been inspired by other bloggers posts to push further. Recently I read  What’s On My Plate, and her food resolutions. Gastropost even did it as a challenge and I am excited to see everyone’s posts this Saturday in the paper (New Year, New Menu: This week, your mission is to eat something that embodies how you intend to dine in 2013).  So I have decided to create my own list of new foods I want to try, restaurants to visit and recipes to create.


This year I want to try (at least once a month) a food I have never had before. I am a bit squeamish about different foods, such as pieces of animals like beef checks, offal and marrow.  And I am still learning to like fish, as I did not eat it other than as fish and chips growing up.  So my goal is to try new (to me) foods, different cuts of meat, different types of fish, and maybe even the tentacles when I order calamari.  


This one will be tough because @WineGuyTO and I agreed to eat in more often.  But I have a list of places in Toronto that I would still like to try.  I really want to explore my new neighbourhood and find great spots no one has really eaten at because they do not have a known chef, but are still great.  I also want to get back to brunching more.

  • Arcadia – our friend’s brother-in-law is the chef and has been telling us great things about it
  • La Carnita – loved them at TUM and really want to see the restaurant
  • Campagnolo – we had meant to go last year and then never made it.
  • Khao San Road – I know the chef and partner just recently left, so am hoping it will still be good.
  • Ceili Cottage – Its in my end of the city now and I have only heard good things

I think I will be adding to this list throughout the year.  Where do you want to eat this year?  Let me know!


Mainly I bake and though I enjoy it, I really want to try more meals.  I have a slow cooker and yet never use it, so that is on my list of things to try.  When I got my food processor recently, it came with a massive book of recipes, so I will be perusing it for ideas. As I mentioned above, I want to eat more at home so to that end  I want to try more recipes for actual meals.  This means more dinner parties! One specific thing I want to learn how to make and incorporate more into my cooking is sauces.

I hope you follow along this year as I try to accomplish all these resolutions 🙂


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