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Marshmallows for Valentine’s Day

It seemed that everyone on my Twitter/Instragram feed was making marshmallows recently.  And saying how easy it was.  I was dubious but intrigued.  I found the two recipes that seemed to be used by most people: Alton Brown‘s and David Lebovitz‘s.  As I was not going to make ice cream and have leftover whites, I choose to try the Alton Brown method which does not require eggs.  And it was easy!

Because I was making these in time for Valentine’s Day, I felt that they should be pink and flavoured with how I think of Valentine’s Day: cinnamon, like those cinnamon hearts. I used some red food colouring (I had misplaced my Wilton gel colouring) and added ground cinnamon to both the ‘batter’ and into the icing sugar/cornstarch mixture for coating.


Creating the sugar syrup



Beginning to whip with the gelatin

My only issue was smoothing the ‘batter’ out, I could not get it level or square in the pan, but since I was cutting them up into 2 different sized hearts, it worked out in the end.  Definitely needed to lightly oil the spatula for getting the ‘batter’ out of the bowl.

With the gluten-free chocolate cupcakes

With the gluten-free chocolate cupcakes

My co-workers all enjoyed them and were amazed that they were homemade, because as person said “they taste just like actual marshmallows!” 🙂  I will absolutely make these again and am already thinking of new flavours.



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