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A Puppy Birthday

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Tawse lounging on the ottoman (Instagram filter)

My second dog turned 1 on the last day of February.  Already his first year has been chaotic.  We were able to see the litter 4 days after they were born.  Though we have another dog, we had not been around when he was first born (adopted at 4 months) so we approached our second dog very much like new parents.  We gushed.  We took waaaay too many pictures.  We visited the litter 2 more times before he chose us to come home with.  His name is Tawse Private Reserve (our favourite winery) and I must explain how we came up with his name; his older ‘brother’ is Sgt. Jager Bomb so we wanted to stay with an alcohol and a military ranking.  At 10 weeks old, my fearless pup bounced off the older dog and fell awkwardly.  A week later we were seeing a surgeon because he had torn his cruciate ligament.  I was in physical shock, it was heartbreaking to see this puppy want to play and not being able to walk.  12 weeks of crate rest, it has taken him much of the first year of his life to gain back the strength in his leg, all the time acting like nothing was wrong.


Tawse and the unbaked cake.


The baked cake.

Probably my worst icing attempt ever.

Probably my worst icing attempt ever.

And because Jager got a birthday cake and a party at daycare, so shall Tawse.  I made the cake this time around, using the recipe from here.  There were so many to choose from online, most using the same ingredients.  My only problem with the batter was that I had to add water to make it more liquid than dough.  I used chunky natural (no sugar, etc) peanut butter for some more crunch. Also the icing measurements seemed to be wrong as I ended up with a runny yet clumpy ‘icing’.  I was the only one who minded though, the pups were not as picky.


Unbaked biscuits about to go into the oven.

No party is complete without party favours, so I also made cookies.  I took the recipe from here, mixed  1/2 cup peanut butter with 1.5 cups of unsweetened apple sauce and added a good handful of frozen blackberries.  It made about 2 dozen total of the two types of cutouts.  They were cut out into bones and labradors with cookie cutters I found in San Francisco last summer.  My boys, and the pups at daycare gobbled them up 🙂

Baked bones

Baked bones

Baked lab dogs

Baked lab dogs




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