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Klout Perk: Buick Encore

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Do you have klout?  Someone thinks I do because  thanks to Klout I got a ‘perk’.  I was given a 2013 Buick Encore for a weekend to test drive for 3 days.  Previously I have received perks such as  razors, coupons for face wash and fish sticks.  This one though, was big.  Klout measures your influence on social media.  You link accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the more you post and interact, the higher your score.


Now about the Buick, it was really nice!  Glen, the Buick Product Specialist, was very accommodating when I had to switch weekends and in answering my questions.  They brought it to my house Friday morning, went over the gadgets and picked it up from the house Sunday night.  The Encore is billed as a luxury crossover; part SUV, part car.  We found that it drives like more like a car; very smooth with good acceleration and cruising.  I currently drive a Ford Escape so during most of the driving, there were comparison discussions with @WineGuyTO on the two vehicles.  We found that the Encore drove really well, it had a lot of features (back up camera, lane drift warning, integrated Sirius XFM and navigation, part of the IntelliLink system).  Though we only drove it around the city, and over to Pickering, the gas mileage is still very good: an estimated 8.2L/100 km city, 6.0L/100 km highway.  For us, it would not be a good fit (2 Labrador Retrievers take up space!) but otherwise we were really happy with the test drive.


The backseat, lots of leg room and pull down armrest


The deceptive trunk. It looks smaller with the door closed.


The front panel. Gorgeous leather detailing.

Thanks to Klout and Buick for this opportunity!

I was allowed to test drive the Buick as a member of Klout.  I was under no obligation to blog about my experience.  All opinions and thoughts are my own, save what was given to me in promotional material from Buick.



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