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Cape Cod Summer 2011

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since we were in Boston! My friend @Jillojello went this summer and her Instagram feed brought back memories.

After our mini vacation in Boston in 2011, we continued on to Cape Cod.  We were staying in Chatham for 7 days, renting a whole house for an extended family vacation with @WineGuyTO‘s family and sister-in-laws family (who live in the Boston area).  Our trip onto the Cape was quite easy (my sister-in-law kept warning us about heavy traffic over the bridge) and we ended up exploring Chatham while we waited to get access to the house.

Classic Cape Cod architecture

All of the Cape is picturesque.  We spent much of the week exploring all the towns in our area, right up to Provincetown.  There were beaches along the highways, with people stopping on the side of the road to take advantage of the hot days and the well-kept beaches.

View up the beach

A highlight was, of course, the great fresh seafood.  Someone would go down to the pier to wait for the catch, and we would have fresh scallops, shrimp, lobster and crab cakes most nights.

View from the patio

View from the patio


Fresh from the pier!


I did not like the crab the nephew caught.




JFK Museum in Hyannis


Thanks to Tina for organizing the trip, it was great meeting her family and spending time with them 🙂


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