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Tasty Tours of Toronto

Looking for a gift for that hard to buy friend? Well if they like sweets or chocolate, consider a Tasty Tour.  I participated in two different tours last year, both of which I bought for myself and two friends as Christmas presents (it actually took us all year to coordinate and book a date!).

First up was the Trinity Bellwoods Chocolate Tour in the spring.  I don’t want to give away all the locations we visited, but I was happy to start my tour at Le Dolci! As always, Lisa was a gracious host.  My friend and I had actually gotten there early and enjoyed a lemonade on the patio.

Other stops included a patisserie, an Asian grocery and a chocolatier.  At each stop, the owner would give us some explanation of their product and then we would taste a specific item.  At our last stop, we even got to see and taste a cacao bean.

You may recognize this spot.

You may recognize this spot.


Cacao bean

Cacao bean


The second tour was of Kensington Market Sweets Tour.  We actually started in Chinatown and learned the changing history of Kensington Market. Again, I don’t want to give away any of the stops specifically, but the sweets we tasted were very international.


Chinese egg tart


Pastries in the Chinese bakery.




mmm, marshmallows


Lebanese sweet

IMG_1730 IMG_1738

The tours are between $30 and $35 a tour per adult (children are $10 and $15, under 7 free!) plus HST.  Each tour has a guide who not only knows the history of the area but also of the individual shops.  It is not a lot of walking either, even though you do meander through the neighbourhoods.  Our guide each time had much historical information, of the neighbourhood and what we were eating, and I learned many new bits of information.  I enjoyed both my tours though I found that our “tastes” were small in some shops. It actually inspired me to create our Beer Tour of Montreal!

**I was not asked to write this review or was compensated for the tours.  The tours of my two friends were bought by me as presents, and I paid for my own tours.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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