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Drinking down the cellar

@WineGuyTo and I have a problem of sorts; we have a lot of wine.  So much we has ever moved some to our ‘off-site storage’  (i.e. my parent’s house).  Though we really enjoy wine, we really need to drink down the cellar as we are running out of room!  So we decided on two things: not buying any wine for a year (not something @WineGuyTo is happy with),  and a 52 week bottle of the week. The latter will be profiled each Wednesday for # winewednesday,  so watch my twitter feed for a new post each week.

Welcome to week 1! Tonight’s dinner was steak,  so we pulled out an Australian version of a Bordeaux, Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cab Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot from 2000.  It is showing surprising longevity for a generally widely available bottle of juice!


The colour is a deep red verging on opaque,  not showing as much brown around the edges as I would have expected.  The fruits are still very much present though the tannins have mellowed nicely. At 13% there is plenty of alcohol to balance the fruit.  All in all,  a very pleasant surprise!


Look at that colour on the cork! There was minute crystallization as well.


Thanks to @WineGuyTO for the tasting notes.


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