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Really reaching into the cellar this week and last

As we were going to our secure off-site storage last weekend (aka my parents’ house) I held off posting as I knew that @WineGuyTO would be picking something good to drink.  So this post is last week and this week’s bottles in one.

Last week we opened two bottles: a 2005 Kangarilla Road McLaren Vale Shiraz,  and a 2000 Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois from Château Soudars.


I love the McLaren Shiraz, its one of my favourites and I’m glad there are still three more in the cellar.  It has a dark ruby colour, with a nose of peppers and dark fruits that kept developing as it opened.  The palate contained plum, pepper, chocolate and tart cherries, which balanced well with soft tannins and slight acidity.


The Haut-Médoc was something we picked up at a SAQ dépot in Hull about three years ago.  There they have discounts if you buy multiple bottles, which helped convinced @WineGuyTO to buy a case!  The colour was a deep red with almost a purple tinge.  Initials flavours were leather, chocolate and black currants.  The tannins were nicely mellowed with a balanced finish, and there was lots of sediment in the bottle.  We drank this with roast beef.

IMG_0490 IMG_0488

This week we also delved deep into the cellar and opened a 1997 Pilliteri Süssreserve Vidal.  I had made chicken enchiladas which had a little spice to them, and the Vidal nicely complimented them.  There was some cork issues, it had disintegrated on the top half, but maintained integrity for the bottom half.  We did have to filter out the pieces that fell into the bottle.  The wine was a deep honey yellow with a peach tinge.  The nose was intriguing with melons being very present.  I found that the sweetness mellowed out as it opened up.



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