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Dorset Muesli Muffins

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I have great friends.  When I tweeted that I had 7 different Dorset Cereals to sample, they were happy to help me out.

So far I have only been eating it for breakfast, though I have plans to do some baking!  My friend Amy has been keeping a bag of the Super Cranberry, Cherry and Almond Muesli cereal in her purse and snacking on it and loving it.  Besides the fruit in the title, this muesli aslo contains raisins and sultanas, sunflower seeds, flame raisins and toasted cereals.   It is a good source of fibre, contains 28g of whole grains per 60g serving, has no added preservatives, is UK Vegetarian Society approved, suitable for vegans and is Kosher.*


Photo provided by Polaris Public Relations Inc

My other friend Katy, also decided to bake using the same muesli, and below is what she made.

Banana-Coconut Muffins (adapted) with Super Cranberry, Cherry and Almond Muesli

She found the recipe here:


The only problems were the recipe called for cooking too long (she took them out 20 mins early and they were a bit over cooked) and the dried fruit plumped up in the oven and rolled off the muffins when she took them out!  Maybe it would be better to mix the granola in, instead of on top.

This made 1 dozen muffins and 1 loaf.

*Information provided in press package.

I was sent 7 boxes of Dorset muesli cereals to sample and blog about.  All opinions are my own.



Daring Baker Challenge: Florentines and a Failed Panna Cotta

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This was my first Daring Baker Challenge and it was for two things I am not sure I had ever eaten let alone baked before.  The theme for me this past year keeps coming back to Tuscany and this challenge was no exception: florentine cookies and panna cotta.

I made my florentines on Family Day and got both my mom and WineGuyTO involved in helping.  After talking to Mardi of Eat.Live.Travel.Write, I found out that the recipe that had been provided to us was not that authentic.  The Internet hunt was on!  I decided on a Food Network.Com recipe.  It seemed simple and we had all the ingredients, so away we went.

First we had to blanch the almonds.  Though time consuming it was a must, since we only had raw almonds.

Mixing wet with dry


Scooped out ready for the oven

I liked how the recipe was set up for setting time, though I would have extended it past the 30 minutes recommended.  The dough was much easier to work with an hour later, than at the 30 minute mark.

Singles before the chocolate spread.

I made them into sandwiches the next day when they were completely cool.  I will admit to cheating by using a chocolate Nutella-like spread.  The consistency gave them a little more structure.

Here is the finished product:

They didn’t last long at work 🙂

The second part of the challenge was panna cotta.  I thought that Food & Drink from the LCBO had had a lavender flavoured version at one time, but it was lemongrass.  By the time I found the recipe, I had already procured the dried lavender, so recipe hunting I went again.  I chose this one from The Kitchn.  Unfortunately I did something wrong, because they smelt great but didn’t quite set 😦 I will try again, maybe in the summer.

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