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Wine Wednesday with our friends at Bodega Norton!

Next up in our “Drinking Down the Cellar” challenge (week 3) is a favourite of ours, Bodega Norton.  We opened the ’06 Reserva Malbec, of which we have plenty of thanks to @WineGuyTo thinking ahead, as we enjoy it so much.


Notes: Initial impressions upon pouring a glass were the nice deep cherry colour.  The nose at first was muted due to the temperature and lack of aeration, even though it was poured through an aerator.  However, after an additional hour of opening up in the glass, he got notes of plums and dark berries. On the palate the wine is very dry with lots of tannin remaining, with flavours of dark chocolate, with the berries being almost jammy maybe due to the expression of the plum. At 14% ABV there is a lot of punch in it without being overly hot. The finish is long and is quite enjoyable.  We will definitely be cellaring the rest for a minimum of 3-5 more years to allow the wine to mature and have the tannins mellow, additional structure and complexity to become evident.


We paired this tonight with striploin streak but it would equally good with any barbecued meats, spicy pastas or some dark chocolate.


DDTC Week 2 :Baco Noir

This week has been cold.  The cold where you just want to huddle under a thick blanket and cuddle. So I was looking for a wine that had body to it. A friend brought us a bottle of Sandbanks Baco Noir (2013) and I was hoping it would work, as this is our first wine from this winery but our friend says it was a surprise favourite for him. We love finding new wines from Ontario and are looking forward to our next visit to Prince Edward County to explore more.


@WineGuyTO tells me that this wine initially doesn’t have very strong aromas,  but it was a little on the cool side.  On the nose there is a jammy-ness that becomes more on the palate. Twenty minutes in,  there was a toasted nuts on the nose.  The flavours we got were plum and red fruits,  not the wild cherry the bottle says.  The colour is dark red,  almost purple. The sweetness is balanced by acidity; overall a typical Baco.  He paired this tourtière and found that it complemented the wine, as the saltiness of the pork mixed with the beef makes the wine taste more full bodied.

Really we could have sat on this wine for at least 2-3 years,  but that would not help us fulfill drinking down the cellar!

Drinking down the cellar

@WineGuyTo and I have a problem of sorts; we have a lot of wine.  So much we has ever moved some to our ‘off-site storage’  (i.e. my parent’s house).  Though we really enjoy wine, we really need to drink down the cellar as we are running out of room!  So we decided on two things: not buying any wine for a year (not something @WineGuyTo is happy with),  and a 52 week bottle of the week. The latter will be profiled each Wednesday for # winewednesday,  so watch my twitter feed for a new post each week.

Welcome to week 1! Tonight’s dinner was steak,  so we pulled out an Australian version of a Bordeaux, Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cab Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot from 2000.  It is showing surprising longevity for a generally widely available bottle of juice!


The colour is a deep red verging on opaque,  not showing as much brown around the edges as I would have expected.  The fruits are still very much present though the tannins have mellowed nicely. At 13% there is plenty of alcohol to balance the fruit.  All in all,  a very pleasant surprise!


Look at that colour on the cork! There was minute crystallization as well.


Thanks to @WineGuyTO for the tasting notes.

Pomegranate Scones


If you read my previous post you saw that I wanted to use my new food processor more.  And you may have noticed my badge on the right side of the page that I post to Gastropost, usually through my Tumblr page.  This week the challenge was tough: cranberries or pomegranates.  You know which way I went from this blog title, but the recipe I made could use either.  I will point out that I am a huge fan of cranberries, even visited a bog last year and brought home many yummy things.  But this week, there were lots of pomegranate seeds in my fridge that needed to be eaten.


I used to post monthly to the Daring Baker, but some of the challenges I found either too intricate, were recipes I was not interested in eating or already knew how to make.  The one month I regret not trying was scones.  So what a perfect vessel for many pomegranate seeds!



I used the recipe for raspberry scones found in the recipe book that came with my food processor, obviously swapping out the raspberries for pomegranates.  This came together so quickly, I was amazed at the ease in making it.  Having the food processor definitely helped!

I misread a step and only scored the tops instead of cutting all the way through before baking.  But warm out of the oven, with some butter, these were quite tasty!  @WineGuyTO took one to work but warned it may be eaten before he got there.


Even Gastropost put into this week’s paper!


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