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Tuscany Part 2 : Gelato

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I love gelato.  I also love ice cream but the intensity of the flavours  just seem to come out better in gelato.  I am fortunate to live near 3 different gelateria here in Toronto (Hollywood Gelato -Fav!, Il Gelatiere and the Mad Italian).  So it goes without saying that I am going to eat gelato any chance I get!

WineGuyTo at our first gelato spot.

Our first day in Italy, we went into the village and you can see from the picture above what happened 🙂  I found ordering gelato was a great way to practice my beginner Italian, and this place was kind enough to help with pronunciation.  The gelato above was creamy and really flavourful.  I enjoyed trying flavours I wasn’t used to, like stracciatella.  I really fell in love with black cherry with ribbons of a creamy vanilla throughout, making it my default flavour for the rest of the trip.  Our time in Italy was so hot, that gelato became almost a must daily just to provide some cool refreshment.

In San Gimignano there is the Gelateria di Piazza,  the World Champion Gelateria five years running (2005-2009).  We ate here the most and it really lived up to that award.  I had limoncello, pear and a trademarked (!) Champelmo (pink grapefruit with sparkling wine).  There were really too many flavours to choose from, so of course we made sure to come back often to keep trying different ones.


Gelataria di Piazza-World Champs!

First night indulgences.














We found that the further from Florence, the better the prices.  We did end up getting some gelato at the end of our day in Florence, at the end of the Ponte Vecchio, but it was more money for much less than in Chianti or San Gimmy.

I know there is a debate in Toronto where the best gelato is, but having eaten almost every day for 10 days, hands down its Hollywood Gelato.


Tuscany- part 1

I was fortunate to spend 10 days in Italy this past July.  My husband’s family has a villa in Chianti and love to go when possible. This was my first real trip to Italy (I skied over the French border when I was 16 for the day) and I was excited! Coffee, wine, the food.  My husband shares these passions as well as one for taking pictures of anything and everything.

I want to highlight some of my food memories and restaurants where we ate.  First off is the pizza.  It was World Cup time and piazza’s and café spaces were at a premium.  We smartly booked the nights when a game was on, ordered pizzas and bottles of wine to share.

Our favourite cafe








The pizza is nothing like I have had in Canada.  Thin, doughy, wet with great fresh toppings.  We usually order ones with Italian meats (prosciutto, parma ham, sausage) and lots of cheese.  I think that our default lunch became pizza because the small would feed both of us with leftovers.  Also they were incredibly cheap.  Definitely a must, even though it seems strange (to me) to eat pizza in Italy when I could have tried other things.  But that is what dinner was for 🙂

The waiter kindly split the pizza up for us.

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