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Pizza and Pinot Night for week 4

I have a lovely person that I follow on Twitter and Instagram (@WaterLilyTO), who introduced me to pizza and pinot night. Though I love making pizza, busy nights do have us calling for delivery, though I am jealous of her drool worthy homemade pizzas.  So now because of her, when we have pizza, we automatically open a bottle of pinot.

IMG_0298Château des Charmes Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir from 2007 was chosen to compliment a jalapeño/chorizo pizza. @WineGuyTO had the following observations: The initial impressions on removing the cord were a wonderful, earthy nose, great colour already moving to a brick red.  The first sip was full of complexity, earth and dark fruits.  As it opened up (considerably), it had softened to notes of dark cherry and had a relatively long finish.  There was a surprising amount of tannins for a 7+ year old Pinot.  The second day, the tannins were much softer. As we always buy bottles in pairs, I can’t wait to revisit this wine again in another five years.



Tuscany- part 1

I was fortunate to spend 10 days in Italy this past July.  My husband’s family has a villa in Chianti and love to go when possible. This was my first real trip to Italy (I skied over the French border when I was 16 for the day) and I was excited! Coffee, wine, the food.  My husband shares these passions as well as one for taking pictures of anything and everything.

I want to highlight some of my food memories and restaurants where we ate.  First off is the pizza.  It was World Cup time and piazza’s and café spaces were at a premium.  We smartly booked the nights when a game was on, ordered pizzas and bottles of wine to share.

Our favourite cafe








The pizza is nothing like I have had in Canada.  Thin, doughy, wet with great fresh toppings.  We usually order ones with Italian meats (prosciutto, parma ham, sausage) and lots of cheese.  I think that our default lunch became pizza because the small would feed both of us with leftovers.  Also they were incredibly cheap.  Definitely a must, even though it seems strange (to me) to eat pizza in Italy when I could have tried other things.  But that is what dinner was for 🙂

The waiter kindly split the pizza up for us.

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