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My first year! A review

Wow! I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a little over a year now!  I decided to start blogging because I wanted to share with people.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading, and I promise to post more in my second year, now that I have gotten the hang of it 🙂

I just want to do an overview of the past year, thematically.  So here is the round-up of Food, Travel and Fun!




Did I miss anything? Can’t believe I did all this!


Winterlicous: Done Badly (ed)

I apologize if you read this last night. I was writing the blog post via my phone and published by accident.  This version is complete, edited and error free.

Dear Spice Route,

I don’t complain in restaurants. Unless the meal is uncooked, I very rarely send food back. I should have tonight.

I came to your establishment for a welcome night out with friends because I enjoy Winterlicious and your menu sounded good. Unfortunately, this meal sucked. And I say that with feeling. We arrived prior to our 7:30 reservation (7:20 to be exact) and were seated promptly.  Thank you.  After that you failed.  I had to ask about the LunDin special I was told about on the phone. We were not told about any specials, had the menu explained, or any habitual things waitresses do. After a wait, and a new waitress, our wine bottle showed up but with only 1 glass (there was 4 of us).  Then she tried to uncork a screw top bottle of Australian Shiraz. Three times.  Our appetizers arrived in good time but my soup was barely warm.  Our mains arrived 80 minutes after we first sat down!! 80 minutes!!! And they were for the most part cold.  My husband’s broccoli was even freezer burned!  This is soooo disappointing. At 9:23 dessert came. At least it was hot. It included coconut which was not stated. If I had known that, I would not have ordered it. Then a bottle of wine appeared that we did not order and we had to ask why it was there.   There was no answer, the waitresses just left.  Many waitresses wandered aimlessly around with food they didn’t know which table to take to.  We had to ask for the bill (9:41) which was already prepared, with no asking if we wanted coffees or anything else.  All we were asked was whether we wanted the table cleared.  In fact, not once did someone come around and ask how our meal was or whether we were enjoying it. This is unreal. My friend asked if the kitchen was rammed and the 2nd waitress said yes because it was Sunday which is strange because when I called they told me that they usually are not open on Sunday but were only for Winterlicious.  We had 2 waitresses and 3 additional people who served/cleaned up. Our original waitress showed up only because we stopped her.  Now the table below us was served all 3 courses and left before our mains arrived.  We also noticed that tables around us that ordered the LunDin were served often and rapidly.  At another close by table  we overheard complaining to the manager and got nowhere really.  Parts of their meals never came.  At the end of the night, one of our group attempted to speak to the front of house manager who ran away to the kitchen.  When he did get him, the overall manager intervened and said that they were having issues that night and tried to appease my friend with a complementary drink at the bar.  He did not accept.

I have been partaking in Winter/Summerlicious since it started and I have never had a worse meal.  During dinner reviews were posted on Yelp, Facebook and Twitter.  We went home angry and hungry.

I am thoroughly disappointed.


Someone who will never go to your establishment again.

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