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Thanksgiving means apple pie

You may remember from this post last year, that I LOVE apples.  I have not gotten apple picking this year (yet) but I know that it was not a good crop from a flash frost this spring.  So lucky that last year I jarred some spiced apples (using a recipe from Mrs. Wheelbarrow) and had frozen cranberries from a visit to the bogs in Bala, because I bought this nifty contraption while in San Francisco this summer.

I will admit that (in my mind) I cheated making these hand pies.  I used pre-made pie crust.  The thickness was uniform and it made it easier to cut out the pieces.  I used the bottom of the mould to cut out my rectangles, very easy!


I found that the pies almost need to be double baked.  I did them for 18 mins initially and then for another 10-15 minutes when ready to eat.  Though they were slightly golden on the outside, the dough was not quite baked through after 18 mins (this was the recommended time on the box).  Tasty!

Apple/Cheddar on left, Apple/Cranberry with sugar top on right


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